Raymond F. Gates, Jr. Scholarship Program

The 2022 scholarship application deadline has passed (April 8, 2022).
Check back in February 2023 for next year's application information. 

The Raymond F. Gates, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1976 in memory of Raymond F. Gates, Jr. following his tragic death in an automobile accident. Mr. Gates was the Executive Vice President of the Connecticut REALTORS®. 

Applying for a Scholarship

Who is Eligible


Children/step-children of Connecticut REALTORS®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATES® or local Board-Association/CTR staff are eligible to apply. Note that grandchildren are not eligible unless they are the legal ward of the grandparents (documentation required). The parent must be an active Connecticut REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® or local Board-Association/CTR staff member for the one year period from 4/9/2021 to 4/8/2022 (local Board and CT State membership dates will be verified). 2022 dues must be paid in full no later than 3/1/2022.

Applicants must meet either of these conditions:  

  • Successfully completed three years of high school or an equivalent education and already be enrolled as a high school senior; OR

  • Be enrolled full-time at an accredited school/college and have at least one year left to complete.

Applicants Can Apply for ONE Category


Connecticut Association of REALTORS® Foundation is proud to once again provide two categories of Raymond F. Gates, Jr. Memorial Scholarships. The first category is based primarily on "Academic Excellence" (academic factors). The second category is based on "Scholastic Achievement" (academic performance) along with a short essay requirement. Extracurricular/volunteer activities will also be considered. 

In order to help you decide which category is appropriate for you, the following are suggested guidelines: 

Academic Excellence Suggested Guidelines:

  • Minimum B+ Grade Point Average

  • Minimum 24 ACT Score*

  • Minimum 1200 Combined SAT Score (for tests taken after March 2016)* or
    Minimum 1800 Combined SAT Score (for tests taken between March 2005 - March 2016)*

Scholastic Achievement Suggested Guidelines:

  • Minimum C Grade Point Average

  • Minimum 20 ACT Score*

  • Minimum 900 Combined SAT Score (for tests taken after March 2016)* or
    Minimum 1400 Combined SAT Score (for tests taken between March 2005 - March 2016)*

These are truly intended as guidelines to determine which category you most likely fall within. The "pool" of applicants varies each year and, as applicants are judged against each other rather than against any specific criteria, you should not let these guidelines inhibit you from applying for a scholarship in the category of your choice. 

*NOTE: For 2022, we are waiving the requirement for high school seniors to submit these scores - it is now optional.


How Scholarships are Determined

The total amount of money available depends upon contributions received and interest earned as of 4/15/2022. The amount of each individual scholarship is left to the Committee's discretion but, in past years, has ranged from $500 to $2,500. Priority will be given to applicants in the following order: High School Seniors, College Students and then Graduate Students. 

As you would expect, selecting scholarship recipients is a difficult task. To make the final allocation of available scholarships, the Committee will review all applicant information, including cumulative grades, class ranking, scholastic activities, recommendations and other indicators of potential success. Note that the selection of recipients is not based in any way on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or any handicap. 

You will receive notification of whether or not you have been awarded a scholarship in May.

Once a scholarship has been awarded, the Connecticut Association of REALTORS® Foundation assumes no further responsibility for the conduct, personal affairs or debts of scholarship recipients. Likewise, the Foundation specifically reserves the right to modify or discontinue the program at any time.

CTR Past President Tribute Scholarships 

Each year, a Gates Scholarship is awarded in honor of CT REALTORS® Past Presidents who have recently passed away.  There are currently 5 honorary scholarships in memory of Frank Green, 1995 CTR President from the Stamford Board; Joe Gustin, 1974 CTR President from the Mid-State Association; Bob Kimball, 2012 CTR President from the Eastern CT Association, Larry Story, 1996 CTR President from the New Canaan Board and Bill Vibert, 2000 CTR President from the Greater Hartford Association.

Past CTR Presidents Tribute Scholarships - Frank Green, Joe Gustin, Bob Kimball, Larry Story, Bill Vibert

Scholarship Recipients